Aspects to Take into Consideration when Buying New Toronto Homes

classic torontohomesWhen you decide to invest in your first property you will have a variety of choices. You may be interested in Toronto homes such a townhouse, condominium or detached home. To insure you are making the best decision in your purchase conduct a bit of research regarding Toronto homes.

Find out about the Builder of the Home

You can check up on a builder by finding out on prior homes that they have built. You can go onto a site such as (Licensed Builder Directory) which will show up the last ten years of homes built. You can view complaints or rewards that the builder received.

Find out if the Contract Favors the Buyer or the Builder

Building contracts usually lean towards a builder in favor. This may mean that the builder of the home you are interested in buying can have control over the finishing’s, change in the square footage and layout and even extend the date to close on the contract. The changing of dates may affect your plans on when you want or need to move.

Find out about all the Costs involved on New Toronto Homes

When purchasing a new home the price you are originally quoted is a base price which includes HST. If you want any upgrades done on the home these will be charged over and above the base price. Some other fees you may be liable for may include enrollment fees such as grading deposits, water or hydro meters installations, legal fees. Other fees you may be charged for are added on by governmental authorities such as development and levies charges.

Toronto homes can offer you with a sound investment, make sure you are aware of all the fees and the period of time you may need to wait to move into your new home. For more information go to and speak with a professional real estate agent.