Information About The EB-5 Direct Investment Visa

investingWhat is the EB-5 Direct Investment visa and how do you apply for it? What is the best way to apply for it? These are questions you probably want to know the answers to, and if you are, then continue to read the rest of this article, as it will answer these questions.

1. What Is It And Can Be Granted One- It is a visa that allows foreign nationals to become residents of the United states. As for who may be granted this type of visa, those who are investing $500,000 in a business that creates 10 jobs may be granted permanent residency. Sometimes the investment about needs to be $1 million, but there is criteria that a person will need to meet before they are granted the visa.

2. Criteria That Is Required- As previously mentioned, there is criteria that a person will need to meet in order to qualify for this visa. One of the criteria that needs to be met is that investment cannot be made in the stock market or other types of passive securities. Those who are making an investment must be investing in a business.

Also, the business that the person is going to invest in needs to have been created in 1990, after November 29. If a person wants to invest in a business that was created before than, then the investment needs to be large enough that it can change the business. Also, the person who is applying for the visa can use funds that was a loan to them or a gift.

As previously mentioned, $500,000 is the amount a person needs to invest, and they may be required to invest in an area that is experiencing high unemployment. Also, the applicant may be required to invest in a rural area. Remember, 10 jobs must be created too, as this is another requirement that a person needs to meet if they want to qualify for the visa.

3. How To Apply For The Visa- Applying for the visa can be quite stressful, as there are a number of things you need to do, such as filing a petition and applying for an immigrant visa. These are just a few things that is involved with applying for the visa. The best thing to do is to hire an attorney, as there are many benefits of doing so.

4. Hiring An Attorney- EB-5 attorneys specializes in helping applicants with this visa process, which can be a confusing process. If you want to apply for the EB-5, then take the time to find the right attorney. Hire one that has plenty of experience with helping people apply for the EB-5 visa, as well as one that has a good success rate.

Now that you know about the EB-5 Direct Investment visa, you can decide whether or not you should apply for it. However, you should hire an attorney. This will increase your chances of getting approved for the visa, as they are familiar with the procedures involved with applying for one.