Choosing The Best Time And Attendance Software

Managing tens to hundreds of employees is always a challenge, but having the right programs in place can do a great deal to reduce the workload and save the company money. Using the best time and attendance software on the market is one way to achieve this goal. The benefits of this type of program far outweighs any concerns that may be had in regards to the initial costs to implement it.

One of the best features of this type of software is that the best providers like TimeTrex have options that fit any business model. For example, if your employees work remotely they can report their time on and off the clock simply by calling into an automated phone system. Other options for those that work remotely include mobile apps and logging in via their computer or laptop.

For those that are looking for a time system on site there is the option to use biometrics. This is ideal as there are no means for the employee to claim that they were at work when they weren’t. While it is not something that is positive to talk about, time theft is a serious area in which businesses lose millions of dollars each year. By having employees clock in and out using their finger print you are ensured that they have arrived and left when they were scheduled to do so.

An added benefit is that employees will have the ability to view their schedules online which will eliminate the confusion or excuse that they were not aware of when they are expected to report to work. They can even sync this information to their phones so that they can get alerts based on their personal preferences. The schedules can be as complex or basic as your company needs might be, with even the ability to rotate schedules through a number of weeks.

Another benefit to both the employer and employee is that time-off requests can also be managed through the system. The employee simply requests the time or days they wish to request off. That information is sent to the designated manager to either approve or deny the request. Again, this will greatly reduce confusion and help to identify areas that may need additional support in one easy to understand place.

Last, but not least, is the capability to work inside of the program no matter where you might be or the time of day. Scheduling issues often arise outside of normal business hours. Having this capability ensures that the company’s needs can be addressed no matter what might come up.

If you have not yet implemented a time and attendance software then you should definitely take a look at TimeTrex to get an even better understanding of what TimeTrex can do for your business. They will happily work with your organization to create a program that is customized to your needs and fits within your budget. Once it is in place you will wonder why you hadn’t done so sooner.